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Analytical Applications of Business Intelligence Reporting

The following examples show how XLCubed is being used to provide Business Intelligence solutions to our customers.

Application typically contain the following attributes:

  • XLCubed Reports & Sample Analysis  
  • World Class Dashboards and Visual Analysis  
  • A series of Analytical Cube(s)
  • A metadata repository to model the business
  • ETL Layer to facilitate data loading

The goal of these applications is to provide customers with a customizable platform which can be integrated with the customers business application to meet their needs and provide rapid implementation and a strong return on investment.

OLAP (Online analytical processing) is an approach to answer multi-dimensional analytical queries. OLAP is part of the broader category of business intelligence, which also encompasses relational reporting and data mining.

Typical applications of OLAP are used in business reporting for sales, marketing, management reporting, BPM (Business Process Management), budgeting and forecasting, financial reporting and similar areas.

XLCubed facilitates a competitive advantage allowing it users to analyse what is important to their business not what is deemed important by the software vendor.