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Missing permissions in NAV2009R2

By default Ms Dynamics NAV 09 R2 is missing several permission records for tables that are new in R2.

Even in the CRONUS database for NAV 09 R2 these permissions are not included.


Permissions for the following tables need to be added to cover the new functional areas.


DO Payment:

Table No.    Table Name

(Object ID)    (Object Name)

823        Name/Value Buffer

824        DO Payment Connection Details

825        Microsoft Dynamics ERP Payment Setup

826        Dynamics Online Payment Configuration

827        Dynamics Online Payment Credit Card

828        DO Payment Credit Card Number

829        DO Payment Trans. Log Entry

830        Dynamics Online Payment Card Type


RTC Center:

Table No.     Table Name

(Object ID)    (Object Name)

9050        Warehouse Basic Cue

9051        Warehouse WMS Cue

9052        Service Cue

9053        Sales Cue

9054        Finance Cue

9055        Purchase Cue

9056        Manufacturing Cue

9057        Job Cue

9058        Warehouse Worker WMS Cue

9059        Administration Cue

9060        SB Owner Cue

9150        My Customer

9151        My Vendor

9152        My Item


Other missing permissions:

Table No.    Table Name

(Object ID)    (Object Name)

7030    Campaign Target Group

28090    Post Dated Check Line


Most of these tables/objects only need read permission to allow users to work in the functional area.